“More Things in Heaven and Earth,” by Jeff High

  Reviewed by Donna Meredith Jeff High’s More Things in Heaven and Earth is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Really. And I read a bunch of books. This is the book you should give to your mother and your best friend at Christmas. After you read it yourself, of course. The […]

“The Inquisitor’s Key,” by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton Juxtaposing stories from the 1300’s with the parallel story of a University of Tennessee anthropologist, Jefferson Bass’s The Inquisitor’s Key is exhilarating fiction. Jefferson Bass (a pseudonym for two men: Dr. Bill Bass and journalist Jon Jefferson) has no problem creating intrigue involving bad popes, crucified martyrs, and a slightly dense […]

“Winged,” by April Kelly

Review by Donna Meredith The strong voice speaking from the pages of Winged, by April Kelly, immediately captures both interest and sympathy. The first paragraph lays out the dilemma—eighteen-year-old Allison just gave birth to a child with what her doctor labels as “a congenital anomaly” on her shoulder blades which should be removed, but the […]

Meet Preston Lauterbach, Author of CHITLIN’ CIRCUIT AND THE ROAD TO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL

     Publisher’s Weekly praises Lauterbach’s writing to be as “energetic as a Little Richard song,” and names Chitlin’ Circuit one of the  Top Ten forthcoming music books.      The book also received a starred review in the June 2011 Booklist: “A major achievement and an important contribution to American musical history,” as well as a starred review in […]

Three Must-Read Short Story Collections

    Tired of buying electronics or golf gadgets for Father’s Day. Hook your father figure up with a sweet read this month instead. Even if the men in your life don’t have the attention span for a novel or memoir, they will enjoy these powerful literary shorts…but old and new. Warning: These are so good, you might […]

Who Influenced Award-Winning Poet, Kate Daniels?

     Kate Daniels was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and educated at the University of Virginia (B.A. and M.A. in English Literature) and Columbia University (M.F.A. School of the Arts).  Her teaching career has taken her to the University of Virginia; the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Louisiana State University; Wake Forest University; Bennington […]

Don’t Miss the Conference on Southern Literature April 14-16

 Conference on Southern Literature     April 14-16    Chattanooga, Tennessee      The Arts & Education Council’s 16th biennial Conference on Southern Literature will feature some of the most beloved writers in Southern literature. Highlights of this year’s event include a tribute to Harper Lee, the premiere of an Elizabeth Spencer documentary, keynote addresses by Dorothy Allison and […]

The Eternal Ones, by Kirsten Miller

Review by Donna Meredith Romance, the supernatural, action, good versus evil, exotic locations, teenage outcasts—there’s so much in Kirsten Miller’s The Eternal Ones for young adult readers to like. Add those factors to readable prose and a page-turning plot, and some mothers are going to be borrowing this book from their teens. The narrator, seventeen-year-old […]