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Donna Meredith is publisher and editor-in-chief. Claire Hamner Matturro and Dawn Major serve as associate editors. RIGHT: Photographs by VanessaK Photography, LLC.


The Southern Literary Review celebrates Southern authors and their contributions to American literature. We feature classic writers who have defined Southern literature, and we highlight emerging authors with interviews, profiles, and book reviews. We support independent bookstores. If you subscribe to our newsletter, please add to your email contacts list so that the newsletter doesn’t […]

“Outliving the White Lie: A Southerner’s Historical, Genealogical, and Personal Journey” by James Wiggins

Outliving the White Lie: A Southerner’s Historical, Genealogical, and Personal Journey (UMiss Press 2024) by James Wiggins is a blend of public, family, and deeply personal history. The result is an important book that examines racism and slavery through a unique lens. As a descendant of Southerners who fought for the Confederacy, Wiggins shares his […]

“Mirrors: and Other Reflections” by David Armand

Mirrors: and Other Reflections (Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette  2023) is a collection of essays most of which were published elsewhere before inclusion is this “memoir in pieces” title. In a brief opening narrative, the author says that these are interconnecting essays provided mostly in chronological order. This is easy reading, and the writer, despite […]

“Liberty Street” by Jason K. Friedman

In Liberty Street: A Savannah Family, Its Golden Boy, and the Civil War (U of SC Press 2024), Jason K. Friedman takes an unusual approach to combine the personal story of how he researched this book with the history of a Savannah family and Civil War battles. When Friedman purchases a home in Savannah’s historic […]

Donna Meredith interview Jennifer Moorhead, author of “Broken Bayou”

Broken Bayou Summary Dr. Willa Watters is a prominent child psychologist at the height of her career. But when a viral video of a disastrous television interview puts her reputation on the line, Willa retreats to Broken Bayou, the town where she spent most of her childhood summers. There she visits her aunts’ old house and discovers […]

 “Sun Don’t Shine” by Crissa-Jean Chappell

Sixteen-year-old Reece Avery lives a risky life in the underbelly of South Florida, a desperate kind of life she wants to shake. She longs for stability, normalcy, and friends. Yet her life on the run has denied her these things. Abducted by her father when she was a young child, she was told her mother […]

“Margaret: The Rose of Goodwood” by Donna Meredith

Without a doubt, writer Donna Meredith picked a winner when she chose to write a historical novel about Margaret Wilson Hodges Wood and her estate, Goodwood, in Tallahassee, Florida. In reality, the subject probably picked her. As she explains in an author’s note, a family member believed he had connections to Margaret’s second husband. Meredith […]