Excerpt from Erica Plouffe Lazure’s “Proof of Me and Other Stories”

  “Object Lessons,” by Erica Plouffe Lazure In the remotest region of Bihar, on the dustiest of backstreets of Bodh Gaya, dozens of children surrounded Juniper Weaver as she attempted to track down what she hoped was their school. But no one could tell her, exactly, where to find it. Still, little boys in hand-me-down […]

“In the City of Murals,” by Blake Sanz

The following is chapter from Blake Sanz’ book The Boundaries of Our Dwelling, reprinted with the permission of University of Iowa Press. In the first days of the couple’s unlikely marriage, it became the airbrush artist’s habit to follow his American wife about the tiny kitchen of their rented house, daydreaming aloud to her in Spanish as […]

“Glass,” A Short Story from Gale Massey’s “Rising and Other Stories”

Dad was a thin man with a high forehead and a bent nose. He wore a black patch over his left eye and worked as a carpenter at a shop across the railroad tracks. Mama took me there a few times when Dad had forgotten to take his lunch box. The place smelled sweet and […]

Excerpt from “Coventry,” by Joseph Bathanti

Editor’s Note:  Italics appear in the original.  From Chapter 51 in Coventry             One afternoon, Papa and Frank and I were out fetching a convict named Tombs. He’d been gone the better part of three hours before we got started after him. Papa was never in a hurry. It was his theory that a run […]

“What Got You Here Will Not Get You To Your Future,” by John Englehardt

The following is an excerpt from John Englehardt’s novel, Bloomland. The most unflagging woman you will ever meet enters your life during sophomore year of college, the same time you stop believing in God. What this means is the zealotry that has been ingrained in you—the kind that has involved obsessing over sin and faith and […]