Read of the Month: “Perpendicular Women: Adventures in the Multiverse” by Chris Coward

Perpendicular Women: Adventures in the Multiverse (Atmosphere Press 2023) by Chris Coward has a stunning cover design befitting the exceptionally intriguing story inside. Speculative fiction, the novel is divided into three parts, each featuring a different character: “Connection 1: Kara, Dreamer”; “Connection 2: Pandora, Leader”; and “Connection 3: Dawn, Champion.” Each section takes places in […]

Donna Meredith interviews Terresa Haskew, author of “Winston’s Book of Souls”

Background: To our complete surprise, when Terresa Haskew queried me about reviewing her novel Winston’s Book of Souls, we discovered we were once neighbors in Tallahassee. What a happy coincidence that we were not only former neighbors, but we both nurtured a lifelong love of books and pursued writing as careers. You can read the […]

“Winston’s Book of Souls” by Terresa Cooper Haskew

Although Terresa Haskew’s debut novel, Winston’s Book of Souls (Touchpoint Press 2024), begins with a dead body and revelation of other crimes, it is at heart a story of desire for atonement. Her characters make mistakes but yearn to live good lives. With an ever-increasing tone of foreboding, the story pulls readers relentlessly forward to […]

“Boolean Logic” by Morgan Christie

Elegant and poignant, Boolean Logic, (Howling Bird Press 2023) Morgan Christie’s collection of twelve autobiographical essays, shines light on what life is like as a Black woman.  What it is like to be overlooked or dismissed as insignificant, despite talent and skill. These essays are crafted using the best creative nonfiction literary techniques, often employing […]

January Read of the Month: “Traces” by Patricia L. Hudson

Combining the action of the finest suspense novels with the intense family drama of the best women’s fiction, Patricia Hudson’s historical novel Traces (University of Kentucky Press 2022) is a riveting read underpinned by twenty-five years of impeccable research. The novel was a finalist for the Weatherford Award (losing to Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead) and has […]

Editor Donna Meredith Interviews Patricia Hudson, Author of Traces

DM: Congratulations, Patricia, on your outstanding novel Traces, which tells the story of frontier life through the eyes of Rebecca Boone, Daniel Boone’s wife. How did you get interested in Rebecca? PH: In 1996, I read a biography of Daniel Boone, and though I found Boone interesting, it was the Boone women — Daniel’s wife, […]