Donna Meredith interviews Terresa Haskew, author of “Winston’s Book of Souls”

Background: To our complete surprise, when Terresa Haskew queried me about reviewing her novel Winston’s Book of Souls, we discovered we were once neighbors in Tallahassee. What a happy coincidence that we were not only former neighbors, but we both nurtured a lifelong love of books and pursued writing as careers. You can read the […]

Tara Lynn Masih Interviews Lily Brooks-Dalton, author of “The Light Pirate”

TM: First off, huge congrats on the success of this worthy, award-winning book, The Light Pirate. I saw in another interview you did that you did not set out to write this story, that you were leaning in another direction. That somehow you ended up in two Florida residencies, and you were in Key West […]

Editor Donna Meredith Interviews Patricia Hudson, Author of Traces

DM: Congratulations, Patricia, on your outstanding novel Traces, which tells the story of frontier life through the eyes of Rebecca Boone, Daniel Boone’s wife. How did you get interested in Rebecca? PH: In 1996, I read a biography of Daniel Boone, and though I found Boone interesting, it was the Boone women — Daniel’s wife, […]

Donna Meredith interviews Ginger Pinholster, author of “Snakes of St. Augustine”

Donna Meredith interviewed Ginger Pinholster about her fascinating new novel, Snakes of St. Augustine.  DM: Even though I know most snakes are harmless, I still have a visceral fear of them. It’s hard to overcome. What made you decide to write a novel that features snakes so prominently? GP: A fear of snakes is completely […]

Dawn Major interviews Editor and Contributors of All night, All Day Anthology

Introduction: Since becoming one of the Associate Editors at Southern Literary Review, Dawn Major has come to know several of the authors, poets, and artists from the cast of this exquisite anthology, All Night, All Day: life, death & angels. Clearly, each and every one of the talented women writers who contributed understood the value […]

Stephanie Barko interviews Karen Lynne Klink, author of “At What Cost, Silence?”

Karen Klink’s debut novel, At What Cost, Silence? is set in antebellum East Texas just prior to the Civil War. Karen’s main character, young Adrien Villere, while fearing “unnatural” proclivities, yearns for the love and acceptance of his father. When I spoke with Karen, she was open and willing to answer any questions concerning connections with […]