Allen Mendenhall Interviews Coleman Hutchison

Click here for a review of Apples and Ashes. Click image below to purchase this book. Thank you, Dr. Hutchison, for doing this interview, and congratulations on the publication of this fine book, Apples and Ashes. You address this question at length in your book, but I’ll ask the question anyway for the benefit of […]

An Interview with James Nolan

by Philip K. Jason Our review of James Nolan’s Higher Ground was posted on November 8. Contributor and new executive editor Philip K. Jason interviewed Mr. Nolan about the book. Here it is: SLR: What inspired you to build a novel about New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina? JN: Three days after Katrina hit, […]

Interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, Part 3 of 3

Please enjoy the final segment of our three-post conversation with Jamie Cox Robertson, author of A Literary Paris (Adams Media, 2010). There is one excerpt you used that isn’t even set in Paris?  Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. Why did you decide to use that one when there are so many others out there set in the […]

Interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, Part 2 of 3

I hope you enjoyed the first segment of our interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, author of A Literary Paris (Adams Media, 2010), on yesterday’s post. Here, you’ll find a continuation of that conversation and learn about Jamie’s selection process when compiling the book and her choice to include southern writers in the collection. There are […]

Meet Jamie Cox Robertson, Author of A Literary Paris

Jamie Cox Robertson is a southerner, an editor, an author, and the founder of the Southern Literary Review. After the release of her first book, A Literary Paris, she spoke with me about the core elements of a good book and why she opted to publish a literary travel book. Hi Jamie.  It’s good to talk with you […]

Robin Oliveira Interview, Part Two

Robin Oliveira’s debut novel, My Name is Mary Sutter, was selected as our September Read of the Month. Please enjoy the second part of her fascinating interview with SLR contributor, Adele Annesi. There are a fair number of novels and stories set during the Civil War. Were you concerned that the theme was a bit […]