Meet Preston Lauterbach, Author of CHITLIN’ CIRCUIT AND THE ROAD TO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL

     Publisher’s Weekly praises Lauterbach’s writing to be as “energetic as a Little Richard song,” and names Chitlin’ Circuit one of the  Top Ten forthcoming music books.      The book also received a starred review in the June 2011 Booklist: “A major achievement and an important contribution to American musical history,” as well as a starred review in […]

The Chitlin’ Circuit and the Road to Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Chitlin’ Circuit and the Road to Rock and Roll  by Preston Lauterbach W. W. Norton & Company, July 2011 Reviewed by Adele Annesi Click to Buy      Acclaimed journalist and editor Preston Lauterbach brings to vibrant life and lasting memory the black musicians, promoters, and media moguls of the late thirties and early forties […]