Drive-Through Review of Three Mysteries

Reviewed by Donna Meredith For Better or Hearse by Laura Durham It’s not every day you find a mystery with a wedding planner as the protagonist. Laura Durham’s Annabelle Archer series is fun-filled—as long as you aren’t the bride and groom who have their special day disrupted by murder and mayhem. Humor begins in the title […]

“The Gospel of the Twin,” by Ron Cooper

Reviewed by Donna Meredith With his third novel, The Gospel of the Twin, Ron Cooper delves into very different and far more controversial territory than his earlier fiction, Hume’s Fork and Purple Jesus. Those were satirical in tone, peopled with wacky characters. In The Gospel of the Twin, Judas Didymos Thomas, now eighty years old, […]

Philosopher and Novelist, Ron Cooper, Flexes the Muscles of the Mind

SLR Contributor, Donna Meredith, discusses her thought-provoking meeting with philosopher and novelist, Ron Cooper, author of our May Read of the Month, Purple Jesus, which – as you’ll read below – doesn’t mean what you might think. ___________________________________________________________      Jane Austen wrote while her family whirled about her in a comfortable village home. Ernest Hemingway […]

May Read of the Month, Purple Jesus by Ron Cooper

Click to Buy   Ron Cooper serves up dark humor, deep philosophy, and quirky characters in Purple Jesus Review by Donna Meredith      Many novelists flounder when it comes to creating characters who talk and think differently. Not so, Ron Cooper, a professor of Humanities at the College of Central Florida. Every voice that speaks […]