May Read of the Month: “Fly Fishing in Times Square,” by William Walsh

Reviewed by Claire Bateman  …[C]onsciousness needs the world and other people to develop, but then it can grow and exist on its own; once external relations become internal, the universe exists from within…”  Marcello Massimini and Giulo Tononi, Sizing Up Consciousness “What happens when imagination confronts the universe?” Walsh explores this instigating question by revealing […]

May Read of the Month: “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek,” by Kim Michele Richardson

Reviewed by Philip K. Jason  Readers are likely to find Ms. Richardson’s fourth novel to be one of the most original and unusual contributions they will encounter in the realm of the current literature of the American South. Set in the heart of the Great Depression, this engaging story rests on two little-known historical features. […]

Philosopher and Novelist, Ron Cooper, Flexes the Muscles of the Mind

SLR Contributor, Donna Meredith, discusses her thought-provoking meeting with philosopher and novelist, Ron Cooper, author of our May Read of the Month, Purple Jesus, which – as you’ll read below – doesn’t mean what you might think. ___________________________________________________________      Jane Austen wrote while her family whirled about her in a comfortable village home. Ernest Hemingway […]

May Read of the Month, Purple Jesus by Ron Cooper

Click to Buy   Ron Cooper serves up dark humor, deep philosophy, and quirky characters in Purple Jesus Review by Donna Meredith      Many novelists flounder when it comes to creating characters who talk and think differently. Not so, Ron Cooper, a professor of Humanities at the College of Central Florida. Every voice that speaks […]