Nonfiction Books of Note for December: “Conversations with Jimmy Carter” and George Singleton’s “Asides”

“Conversations with Jimmy Carter,” editor Tom Head Conversations with Jimmy Carter, (University of Mississippi Press, 2023) is a collection of ten interviews that reaffirm what we already know about the man. He walks the walk, not just talks the talk. As he tells Bill Moyers in the first interview, “I feel like I have one […]

July Read of the Month: “Suite for Three Voices,” by Derek Furr

Reviewed by Cameron Williams In “Starting from Error,” the prelude to Suite for Three Voices (a piece also nominated for the Pushcart Prize), Derek Furr muses, “What if there were an ‘h’ in ‘went,’ as there so often was in my students’ writing? When is involved in went, time rolled up in the past tense, […]

“The Patron Saint of Dreams,” by Philip Gerard

By Donna Meredith   In a well-known poem, Robert Frost once depicted humans as standing on a shore looking out to sea, unable to perceive much about their world. Philip Gerard, however, writes from the North Carolina coast with an unusual gift for peering not only “out far,” but also “in deep,” a talent vividly […]