“The Little Girl at the Bottom of the Picture” by Jeremy White

In The Little Girl at the Bottom of the Picture: A Journey of Selfless Discovery, Jeremy White takes readers into and through a labyrinth of relationship by providing almost-voyeuristic access to emails, text messages, phone calls, and in-person communications. This he does with candor, humor, and meticulous attention to detail. The true story begins with […]

Donna Meredith interviews Sheridan Brown, T. M. Brown, Charles M. Clemmons and Betsy Reeder about Civil War Era novels

Four new Civil War Era novels were released this year. Southern Literary Review Editor Donna Meredith interviewed  the authors to find out what similarities and differences there might be in their approaches to their subjects—and why they chose to write about them in the first place. Sheridan Brown’s novel, The Viola Factor, is based on […]

“Hemlock Hollow” by Culley Holderfield

InHemlock Hollow, Culley Holderfield takes readers on a fascinating two-fold journey as he skillfully interweaves the lives of twenty-first-century Caroline McAlister and nineteenth-century Carson Quinn. The story begins with Caroline, a professor of astroarchaeology, finding Carson’s journal in the cabin she is having restored. Her return to this Hemlock Hollow cabin after many years is […]

Betsy Reeder interviews Culley Holderfield, author of “Hemlock Hollow”

Southern Literary Contributor Betsy Reeder interviewed Culley Holderfield, author of Hemlock Hollow. BR: What was the impetus behind this story? Did it nudge you over time or tackle you unexpectedly? CH: The story came from out of characters and research. It started with a specific place, this hollow in Henderson County, NC, where my parents […]

“Return to Hardscrabble Road” by George Weinstein

Return to Hardscrabble Road by George Weinstein takes the reader back to the rural South Georgia world inhabited by the characters of Hardscrabble Road. Shortly after World War II, the MacLeod brothers have returned to their homeplace as the result of a new crisis: the shooting death of their father Mance. Readers who eschew violence […]

Donna Meredith Interviews Betsy Reeder

Donna Meredith interviews Betsy Reeder for Southern Literary Review. Reeder is the author of an historical trilogy: Madam’s Creek (2017), Broomstraw Ridge (2019), and her latest, Salt in Boiling Water (2022). These stories center around the lives and loves of characters caught up in vivid events of the Civil War and its aftermath in southern […]