SLR Interviews Thomas Kaufmann

Virginia Pye Interviews Jon Sealy, Author of “The Merciful”

I got to know Jon Sealy around the time his debut novel, The Whiskey Baron, came out in 2014. I was living in Richmond then, where Jon still lives, and we gravitated to one another as fellow literary writers. I interviewed him for my blog and noted how serious he was about books and writing. […]

SLR Interviews Annette Valentine

SLR Interviews Shuly Cawood

Cheryl Pallant Interviews Lenore H. Gay, Author of “Other Fires”

CP:  Other Fires is your second page-turner of a novel with well developed characters. Your background is as a therapist. Do you think your work as a therapist helped your development as a writer and how you write and if so, how? LG:  That question takes me to childhood. I watched people. My parents were […]

Southern Literary Review interviews North Carolina author Annette Clapsaddle

Jason Kingry Interviews Helen Ellis, Author of “Southern Lady Code”

JK:  My wife enjoys when I read to her, and due to the subject matter, I guessed (correctly) that Southern Lady Code would be right up her alley. She was so amused with your dark sense of humor that she asked me to clarify whether these stories were fictional or non-fictional. How did you become […]

Claire Hamner Matturro interviews Susan Y. Tanner, Author of “A Whisper of Trouble”

CHM: Good morning, Susan, and congratulations on your newest book, A Whisper of Trouble (KaliOka Press Sept. 2020), which is the 12th book in the Trouble, black cat detective series, and the fourth book you’ve written in the on-going Trouble collection. For readers who aren’t yet familiar with this series, it’s the brainchild of Alabama […]