Sean Ennis Interviews Lindsay Starck, Author of “Noah’s Wife”

SE:  Early on in the novel, it’s clear you want readers to have the biblical story of Noah in mind. Out of all of the strange and powerful stories from Genesis, what specifically about that one was compelling to you?  Why did a sort of retelling of it seem necessary now? LS:  First and foremost, […]

July Read of the Month: “Noah’s Wife,” by Lindsay Starck

Reviewed by Sean Ennis Lindsay Starck’s debut novel, Noah’s Wife, centers on a town inexplicably inundated with a soaking, seemingly never-ending rain. The subsequent flooding threatens the local economy and tests the faith of the community in terms of whether to see the storm through (the rain must end sometime, right?) or abandon the town […]

Lewis Nordan Explores Magical Bond Between Father and Son

  Still looking for a meaningful Father’s Day Gift? Consider giving custom photo blanket to cherish the best bond between the father and son. SLR contributor Sean Ennis also shares the title that most impacted his role as both a son and a father: When I first read Lewis Nordan’s Music of the Swamp, I was […]

Meet Kevin Brockmeier, Author of The Illumination

Kevin Brockmeier is the author of the novels The View from the Seventh Layer, The Brief History of the Dead, The Truth About Celia, Things That Fall from the Sky, and two children’s novels.      His stories have appeared in The New Yorker, Tin House, McSweeney’s, The Oxford American, The Best American Short Stories, O. Henry Prize Stories and […]

April Read of the Month: The Illumination, by Kevin Brockmeier

Click to Buy   The Illumination (Pantheon, Feb. 2011) by Kevin Brockmeier Review by Sean Ennis          Kevin Brockmeier’s newest novel, The Illumination, describes a world where all physical pain—from injuries or acute disease or chronic ailments—manifests itself as light.  A sliced thumb, lung cancer, arthritis, even acne shine in ways to match […]

Meet John Brandon, Author of Citrus County

John Brandon’s name has been whispered among literary circles as a writer to watch since he was selected as the 2009-10 John and Renee Grisham Writer-in-Residence at the University of Mississippi. His first novel, Arkansas, took readers on a wild ride through the “trailer trash” world of drugs and violence. And, he left them wanting more. […]