Meet the Editors

Donna Meredith is publisher and editor-in-chief. Claire Hamner Matturro and Dawn Major serve as associate editors. RIGHT: Photographs by VanessaK Photography, LLC.

Read of the Month: “The Girl from the Red Rose Motel” by Susan Beckham Zurenda

In this review/interview hybrid, Associate Editor Dawn Major discusses with author Susan Beckham Zurenda her second novel, The Girl From The Red Rose Motel (Mercer University Press 2023).  DM: Susan, I thoroughly enjoyed your first book, Bells for Eli, and absolutely identified with Hazel’s character in The Girl from the Red Rose Motel even more. […]

“Everybody Here is Kin” by BettyJoyce Nash

Everybody Here is Kin (Madville Publishing 2023) by BettyJoyce Nash is a moving, well-written literary story about family—the ones we are born into and the ones we create. It is also a finely tuned tale of a tight-knit community living on a small barrier island off the coast of Georgia—a place where the year-round islanders […]

“The Bullet Swallower” by Elizabeth Gonzalez James

The Bullet Swallower (Simon & Schuster 2024) by Elizabeth Gonzalez James is a wild yarn of a story with elements of a classic western adventure invigorated with mystical realism and more than a gloss of karmic turbulence. In short, it’s fascinating. Literary historical fiction at its finest, this is an ambitious novel which more than […]

“The Digital Self: Poems and Illustrations” by Wesley Bishop

“It felt like a time apt for apocalyptic writing,” says Bishop in his note at the end of The Digital Self (Lulu 2023). “Yet,” he says, “we continued to create countless traces of ourselves with each day spent in the digital sphere. The things we liked, or shared, or rage posted about, or emailed, or […]

Tara Lynn Masih Interviews Lily Brooks-Dalton, author of “The Light Pirate”

TM: First off, huge congrats on the success of this worthy, award-winning book, The Light Pirate. I saw in another interview you did that you did not set out to write this story, that you were leaning in another direction. That somehow you ended up in two Florida residencies, and you were in Key West […]

Tara Lynn Masih

Tara Lynn Masih is a National Jewish Book Award Finalist and winner of a Julia Ward Howe Award, a Benjamin Franklin Award, and multiple Foreword Book of the Year Awards. She is the author of the acclaimed novel My Real Name Is Hanna (translated in Slovak and Polish) and editor of The Rose Metal Press […]