“A Literary Life of Sutton E. Griggs: The Man on the Firing Line” by John Cullen Gruesser

Thorough research underpins John Cullen Gruesser’s A Literary Life of Sutton E. Griggs (Oxford University Press, 2022)—and every serious student of Black literature will want to read this biography of an important figure in American history. While the book’s main focus is on Griggs’s writings, it also covers his family and his contributions to the […]

“Blake, or The Huts of America” by Martin R. Delany and “The Hindered Hand” by Sutton E. Griggs

Reviewed by Donna Meredith Even though their works were created some forty years apart, two early American black authors recognized the power of fiction to engender social change. Both men came to believe the Back-To-Africa movement, or colonization, offered the most viable way to achieve social justice. Prior to the Civil War, Blake, or The […]