Donna Stanley Meredith interviews Dawn Major, author of “The Bystanders”

Southern Literary Review Editor Donna Meredith interviewed Associate Editor Dawn Major about her debut novel, The Bystanders. As you can see, their initials are the same. To differentiate, Donna used the initial of her maiden name Stanley, thus DSM.  DSM: So, Dawn. One of your main characters in The Bystanders, Shannon Lamb-Samples, is the ultimate […]

A Conversation on the April Read of the month: “The Bystanders” by Dawn Major

Southern Literary Review congratulates Associate Editor Dawn Major on the publication of her debut novel, The Bystanders (Mooncove Press, 2023). SLR’s Editor Donna Meredith and Associate Editor Claire Matturro discuss Dawn Major’s novel, The Bystanders.   DM: The first chapter begins with the archetype of a stranger coming to town. In this case, the strangers […]