“Idiot Men” by Scott Gould

Scott Gould’s newest collection, Idiot Men, provides the stage for wayward characters who make poor choices in life and love against a backdrop of elegant prose. In “Word of the Day” (winner of the 2020 Larry Brown Short Story Award), a long-haul truck driver’s wife flees to Jamaica with her lover, leaving him to babysit her hairless tomcat, […]

“The Hammerhead Chronicles” by Scott Gould

To start, The Hammerhead Chronicles by Scott Gould isn’t about sharks and based on the number of social media posts coming from Gould reiterating this statement, some others went there too. Also, the world is divided into two groups—cyclists and non-cyclists. Cyclists even have their own secret language which includes hammerheads…that are not sharks. Apologies […]

Dawn Major interviews Scott Gould

I was introduced to Scott Gould through another South Carolina author, George Singleton. I reviewed Gould’s short story collection Strangers to Temptation and his first novel, Whereabouts on my blog, SouthernRead. He also wrote a memoir recently, Things That Crash, Things That Fly that is still on my “Must Read” stack. I didn’t know what […]