October Read of the Month, If Jack’s in Love by Stephen Wetta

Click to Buy  If Jack’s in Love by Stephen Wetta Reviewed by Rhett DeVane        The transition between tormented boyhood and teenage angst is difficult enough for young genius Jack Witchner. Add in a shiftless redneck father, a bullying dope-smoking older brother, a meek homely mother, and a family home that is an eyesore […]

Meet Lynne Bryant, Author of Catfish Alley

       At SLR, we like to cover both new releases and old. Every now and then, a good one slips through the cracks. This summer, we’ve spent a little time working our way through the Slush Pile..and look what we found! A can’t-miss read by debut novelist, Lynne Bryant.      Recently, SLR contributor Rhett DeVane had the […]

Catfish Alley, by Lynne Bryant

Click to Buy   Catfish Alley  by Lynne Bryant Reviewed by Rhett DeVane      Far too often, novels set in the South settle for clichéd one-dimensional characters: vapid belles, ignorant or radical African-Americans, belligerent white males incapable of change. This is not the case with Lynne Bryant’s Catfish Alley. From the first page, the author […]

Meet Rhett DeVane, Author of Mama’s Comfort Food

     Author Rhett DeVane discussed her recent release, Mama’s Comfort Food, with SLR contributor Donna Meredith. We’re pleased to share part of their conversation with you.      SLR: Why did you choose a woman facing breast cancer treatment as your focus for this third novel in the Chattahoochee series?        RD: I’ve lost one dear friend […]

What Southern Female Author Most Influenced Rhett DeVane?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked our contributors to recognize Southern female authors who have had the greatest influence on their lives. “I have to go with Fannie Flagg,” says SLR contributor Rhett DeVane. “I know there are so many classics, but Fried Green Tomatoes and Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven are two of […]

Mama’s Comfort Food, by Rhett DeVane

Mama’s Comfort Food By Rhett DeVane Reviewed by Peggy Kassees Click to Buy      “The secret to outliving cancer is positive living . . . I didn’t mean to think positive; I meant to live in a positive way.”  That’s an excerpt from Mama’s Comfort Food, by Rhett DeVane. Smooth as whipped butter, sweet as […]