“Snakes of St. Augustine” by Ginger Pinholster

In her fascinating novel Snakes of St. Augustine, Ginger Pinholster takes a deep dive into two subjects many humans turn away from: snakes and people whose brains operate differently. As the novel opens, we meet fitness guru Serena Jacobs, who is reporting her mentally different brother Gethin’s disappearance to Police Officer Jeffries. Serena was only […]

Donna Meredith interviews Ginger Pinholster, author of “Snakes of St. Augustine”

Donna Meredith interviewed Ginger Pinholster about her fascinating new novel, Snakes of St. Augustine.  DM: Even though I know most snakes are harmless, I still have a visceral fear of them. It’s hard to overcome. What made you decide to write a novel that features snakes so prominently? GP: A fear of snakes is completely […]