“Heart’s Core” by Joann Gardner

Prize-winning poet Joann Gardner, PhD, dives deep into Florida’s underground rivers and gathers gems and experiences too complex for simple surface tellings in Heart’s Core (Finishing Line Press 2023). This new poetry book is structured as a journey. Gardner’s book explores concepts of belonging and identity in her far-flung European and U.S. North-South immersions as […]

July Read of the Month: “Deeper than African Soil” by Faith Eidse

Deeper than African Soil (Masthof Press, 2023) by Faith Eidse is a most unusual and exceptionally fine memoir. No wonder Florida State University recognized it with the Kingsbury Award, given annually to a graduate student who demonstrates lasting intellectual value in writing, and with the English Department’s Ann Durham Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award. Several chapters […]

“Relative Distance” by David Pruitt

Reviewed by Faith Eidse A barbaric father forces three sons to travel the long road to normalcy in David Pruitt’s sibling memoir, Relative Distance. The story opens on a moment when all three sons are, separately, homeless. They’ve been rejected by a brutal father and abandoned by a mentally-ill mother. Told in first person, present […]

Faith Eidse

Faith Eidse, PhD, recently signed a Masthof Press publishing contract for her Kingsbury award-winning memoir, Deeper than African Soil, of surviving revolution, disease, and boarding school trauma while growing up among worlds in Congo, Canada and the U.S. She has published five fiction and non-fiction titles, including Florida’s oral history of 2007, Voices of the […]