Allen Mendenhall Interviews John Shelton Reed

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, John.  I know that readers of the Southern Literary Review are excited to hear from you. Dixie Bohemia began, your Introduction explains, with the substance of the Fleming Lectures you delivered at Louisiana State University in April 2011.  Here we are just a year and a […]

October Read of the Month: Dixie Bohemia, by John Shelton Reed

Reviewed by Allen Mendenhall John Shelton Reed’s Dixie Bohemia is difficult to classify. It’s easier to say what it isn’t than to say what it is. It isn’t biography.  It isn’t documentary.  It isn’t quite history, although it does organize and present information about a distinct class of past individuals interacting and sometimes living together […]

John Shelton Reed’s Dixie Bohemia

Southern Literary Review is pleased to announce that LSU Press will release John Shelton Reed’s latest book, Dixie Bohemia, this fall.  The book addresses the literary scene in and around the French Quarter of New Orleans during the 1920s.  Dr. Reed is the author or editor of some 20 books, and he taught at the University of North Carolina […]