The Hamilton Stone Review

Current issue no. 47, Fall 2022

Poetry: Ralph Burns, Michael Hettich, Erin Wilson, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Kelsey Phillis, aggie Kennedy, Claire Scott, L. Henry Farrell, Jen Karetnick, Richard Weaver, Kathleen Hellen, Barry Seiler, Toti O’Brien, Jeff Newberry, Cortney Davis, Jan Ball, Tony Beyer, Jo Angela Edwins, L. Annette Binder, J.R. Solonche, and Lynn Gilbert.
Prose: Ron F. Berisha, Mark Lewandowski, Zach Murphy, Mary Sanders Shartle, and Jake Zelwacki

The Hamilton Stone Review publishes twice a year, usually October and April. The submissions period for the Fall  issue is usually August 15 through September 15, and the submissions period for the Spring  issue is usually February 15 through March 15, but may close early without notice. For more information,

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