“He Should Have Told The Bees” by Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox’s third novel, He Should Have Told The Bees, is an endearing story about a collision of lives, the process of opening up to people around us who care, the power of faith, and the wonder of unexpected surprises. We are introduced to two young women in a dual storyline, both of whom are […]

Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace by Tracey D. Buchanan

Reviewed by Mary Ellen Thompson With her debut novel, Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace, Tracey Buchanan has just spiced up the genre of semi-humorous historical fiction when she introduces the reader to Mrs. Minerva Place, a persnickety middle aged woman who converses with ghosts from the local cemetery in Paducah, Kentucky. The proverbial […]

Mary Ellen Thompson Interviews Tracey D. Buchanan, author of “Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace”

Tracey Buchanan’s debut novel, Toward the Corner of Mercy and Peace, is a delightful story set in Paducah, Kentucky. Tracey’s main character, Mrs. Minerva Place, is a peculiar middle-aged woman who is very narrow minded. Instead of finding her offensive, you will chuckle at almost every turn. When I had the chance to chat with […]