“Creole Soul: Zydeco Lives” by Burt Feintuch and edited by Jeannie Banks Thomas

I first encountered zydeco on a visit to New Orleans. I was enthralled by the banging beats of Buckwheat Zydeco. The Cajun music I had heard previously in NOLA was good enough, but I could take it sitting down. Zydeco demanded that I get up and dance.  Zydeco combines the energy of rock and roll […]

The Hamilton Stone Review

Current issue no. 47, Fall 2022 Poetry: Ralph Burns, Michael Hettich, Erin Wilson, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Kelsey Phillis, aggie Kennedy, Claire Scott, L. Henry Farrell, Jen Karetnick, Richard Weaver, Kathleen Hellen, Barry Seiler, Toti O’Brien, Jeff Newberry, Cortney Davis, Jan Ball, Tony Beyer, Jo Angela Edwins, L. Annette Binder, J.R. Solonche, and Lynn Gilbert. Prose: […]

November Read of the Month: “Milk Blood Heat” by Dantiel W. Muniz

In Milk Blood Heat (Grove Press, 2021) Dantiel W. Muniz serves up a savory, delicious stew of short stories in an outstanding debut collection. The stories are set in the steamy cities and suburbs of Florida centered on Black residents and their communities. Female voices and themes predominate. This collection is a rare gem in […]

“The Kingdoms of Savannah” by George Dawes Green

The Kingdoms of Savannah (Celadon Books, 2022) reads like a fine literary suspense novel, a top-tier mystery. But Kingdoms triumphs in extending the boundaries of the genre. George Dawes Green unearths so many long-buried layers of history with such drama, such flair, such artistic skill that readers may not even be aware they are reading […]

“The Whispering Women” by Trish MacEnulty

The Whispering Women (Prism Light Press, 2022) by Trish MacEnulty features two lively female investigators who represent distinct social classes. Richly drawn characters, the vibrant historical setting, and a suspenseful mystery create strong currents that pull readers into this delightful novel. But it’s the women’s issues—as relevant today as they were in the early 1900s—that […]

West Virginia Fall Writers Conference 2022

The West Virginia Fall Writers Conference will be Nov. 5, 2022 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  at the Clarksburg Public Library. Sessions will be led by Marie Manilla, Art Stringer, John Van Kirk, and Renee Nicholson. For details, see wvwriters.org.