Casey Clabough Responds

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Hear William Faulkner in His Own Words

In case you missed the recent Newsweek article about the newly released audio tapes of William Faulkner, take note. Stephen Railton, in collaboration with the University of Virginia Library, has written and directed an audio archive called Faulkner at Virginia. It’s a fascinating online collection that features recordings of Faulkner during his two terms as Writer-in-Residence at UVA (1957 […]

Faulkner Fanatics Gather in Oxford

The 2010 Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference will examine the topic “Faulkner and Film” through five days of lectures and discussions by literary scholars and critics. Attendees will also have the opportunity to view five or six films based on Faulner’s works. If you consider yourself a Faulkner fanatic, of if you’ve just always wanted an excuse […]

Forensic Fictions: The Lawyer Figure in Faulkner, by Jay Watson

Review by Allen Mendenhall       Kudos to the University of Georgia Press for this recent reprint of Jay Watson’s Forensic Fictions, which has become something of a classic among law-and-literature scholars.  A pioneering project, Forensic Fictions stands as the first critical work to interrogate the lawyer figure in Faulkner’s oeuvre. The tanker truck accident lawyer […]

Faulkner Studies in Japan, edited by Thomas L. McHaney; compiled by Kenzaburo Ohashi and Kiyoyuki Ono

Review by Allen Mendenhall        It was with great interest—and, perhaps, skepticism, for I myself taught English in Japan—that I read Faulkner Studies in Japan, an assemblage of critical essays written and translated by Japanese academics and edited by American Thomas L. McHaney, professor of literature at Georgia State University.  Whisking eagerly through the […]