“Night Letter: A Novel” by Sterling Watson

With Night Letter (2023), Florida author Sterling Watson proves once more that he is a master storyteller and an exemplary writer. Set in the Sixties in the Florida Panhandle, the novel’s focus is on its sole narrator, an eighteen-year-old youth just released from six years in a Nebraska reform school. This narrator, Travis Hollister, tells […]

2021 Book of the Year: “The Committee” by Sterling Watson

The editors of Southern Literary Review will select one book each year to receive special recognition. The award recognizes books published between October of the previous year to October of the current year.  Criteria The Book of the Year should: Be written by a Southern author or have a Southern setting. Have lasting value as […]

September Read of the Month: “The Committee,” by Sterling Watson

Reviewed by Claire Hamner Matturro With eight books to his credit, Sterling Watson has long been a powerful author, but he raises the bar considerably in The Committee (Akashic Books 2020), a compelling historical novel about the havoc the so-called Johns Committee wreaked on the University of Florida in the late 1950s. With impeccable accuracy […]