“Ishion Hutchinson, Lord of Reggae Poetry and the Cornell Commons,” by Patrick A. Howell

Lord Ishion Hutchinson, Lord of Reggae Poetry and the Cornell Commons I can bring a halo into the night cave, quiet with music (do not ask the music), to her shaded there in the moon; her fine spectacles steam their pond rings    From “Black Space” (Poetry, January 2017) by Ishion Hutchinson The scepter of […]

Patrick A. Howell

Patrick A. Howell is an award-winning banker, business leader, entrepreneur and writer. His first work was published with the UC Berkeley African American Literary Review and Quarterly Black Book Review. At Cal Berkeley, he co-founded Diatribe – a People of Color News Collective. Mr. Howell contributes to Huffington Post, Tishman Review’s Craft Talk series, Into […]

Allen Mendenhall Interviews Patrick A. Howell, Author of “Yes, We Be”

AM:  Patrick, I’m so glad we’ve finally found the occasion to discuss Yes, We Be.  Let’s start broadly: what’s the book about? PH: Allen, Yes, We Be is different parts clarion call, first book of poetry and personal manifesto (the art and artifice to oneself of manifesting).   I’ve been writing much, much longer than the […]