May Read of the Month: “The Kings and Queens of Roam,” by Daniel Wallace

Reviewed by Matthew Simmons One of the great frustrations of being a young person in a small town is how incredibly boring it seems.  Everything that happens seems to happen somewhere else, and wanderlust is an oppressive feeling, something inescapable, omnipresent, and, importantly, your greatest desire in the world.  This is true everywhere, it seems, […]

“Patterns on the Sand,” by Gamel Woolsey

Reviewed by Matthew Simmons One of the joys of going into a used bookstore is the possibility of finding some rare, forgotten treasure.  If you’re a bibliophile, like I am, you know the feeling I’m talking about: the excitement of taking something possibly magical home, the deep, satisfying joy of finishing that book, knowing that […]

November Read of the Month: “A Short Time to Stay Here,” by Terry Roberts

Reviewed by Matthew Simmons It is difficult to give Terry Roberts’s debut novel, A Short Time to Stay Here, the full and proper treatment it deserves.  This is not because it is a novel marked by “difficulty” of some experimental sense; to the contrary, it is a highly-readable, easily-digestible book.  But in that statement lies […]

Matthew Simmons

Matt Simmons was born and raised in Whiteville, NC.  He lived in Raleigh for eight years, where he went to college at North Carolina State University, roasted coffee for a living, and developed a taste for single-malt Scotch.  Currently a Ph.D. student in English at the University of South Carolina, Matt and his wife live […]