What Southern Titles Inspire Kerry Madden?

     In honor of Mother’s Day, SLR contributors are letting you in on their deepest secrets by confessing the names of books by southern female authors that have most influenced their lives.      For novelist Kerry Madden, the list is topped with two of Lee Smith’s works: Fair and Tender Ladies as well as Oral History. Click to Buy Click to Buy        […]

Kerry Madden’s Tips to Surviving Book Promotion

Yesterday, author Kerry Madden posted one of the best tiplists for book promotion I’ve ever seen. If you aren’t John Grisham or JK Rowling, it’s likely you’ll benefit from Kerry’s advice. Read the entire post at A Good Blog is Hard To Find and learn when to start marketing your book (long before it hits shelves), how children and tourists […]

Kerry Madden

In addition to penning superb works of  journalism  for Los Angeles Times, Salon, LA Weekly, and Sierra Club Magazine, Kerry Madden has written plays, screenplays, and six books including Offsides, a New York Library Pick for 1997, and Writing Smarts: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Great Poetry, Stories, School Reports, and More!, published by the […]