“These Particular Women” by Kat Meads

Reviewed by Edwina Pendarvis   These Particular Women (Sagging Meniscus 2023) offers a composite of particulars about eleven women who earned celebrity, large or small, in the 20th century, either through their own accomplishments—in one case a murder—or as wife or mother of a notably accomplished someone. Most of the women will be familiar and […]

Denise Tolan Interviews Kat Meads, Author of “In This Season of Rage and Melancholy Such Irrevocable Acts as These”

    DT: Four of your six novels, including this newest one, are set in the South. What draws you to the South as setting? KM: I was born and raised in eastern North Carolina and still consider it home. Three of my novels, including Rage and Melancholy, are set in mythical Mawatuck County, which […]