Meet L.C Fiore, Author of Green Gospel

Click to Buy           L.C. Fiore’s debut novel, Green Gospel, tackles the controversial topic of eco-terrorism.  He kindly took time to discuss his work with SLR contributor, Donna Meredith.      SLR: Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?      LCF: I consider myself a conservationist. I believe we need to preserve our natural resources, including parks and […]

Green Gospel, by L.C. Fiore

Click to Buy  Green Gospel by L.C. Fiore Reviewed by Donna Meredith      Other writers have tried to take us into the minds of domestic terrorists, most recently Pearl Abraham, with American Taliban, John Updike, with Terrorist, and David Goodwillie, with American Subversive. Although these novels focus on attacks inspired by al-Qaida, the FBI lists […]