David Salvage Interviews Poet Celia Bland

Celia Bland is the author of YA biographies of Indigenous leaders Osceola, Pontiac, and Peter MacDonald (Chelsea House), and has published three collections of poetry: Soft Box (Cavankerry, 2004); Madonna Comix, a collaboration with artist Dianne Kornberg (William James, 2014); and Cherokee Road Kill, with pen and ink drawings by Kyoko Miyabe (Dr. Cicero, 2018).  She is co-editor, with Martha Collins, […]

September Read of the Month: “Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys,” by D.A. Powell

Reviewed by Celia Bland This volume describes a slip—both personal and cultural—into self-indulgence and escapism.   In poem after poem, romantic ideals are subsumed in quick encounters, dirty puns, and Powell’s figurative décolletage of a dowager poet, a witty but jaded survivor of the courtly lists.  Which is not to imply that Powell is in drag—she’s […]

Celia Bland

Celia Bland hails from North Carolina and teaches at Bard College.  Her reviews have recently appeared in Poetry International, The Boston Review, and Drunken Boat, and her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in The Narrative Review (where her poem “Wasps” was named one of the year’s best), Word/ForWord, and Witness and will soon appear in The Virginia Quarterly Review. Madonna Comix, her collaboration […]