“In the Heart of the Dark Wood,” by Billy Coffey

Reviewed by Katie DePoppe This third installment to Coffey’s series (which can be read in any order) once again pulls the reader into the eerie, ethereal terrain of Mattingly, Virginia. A coming-of-age tale at its most simplistic and a dark-night-of-the-soul journey at its core, the novel, although only loosely grounded in Christian orthodoxy, is unapologetically […]

November Read of the Month: “The Curse of Crow Hollow,” by Billy Coffey

Reviewed by John Ryan Hrebik “Would you know evil if you looked it in the eyes? Would you truly?” Billy Coffey’s first-person narrator poses this question to an unknown traveler who’s passing through Crow Hollow. The speaker, “a tired old man” eager to introduce us to both his town and its occupants, does not reveal […]