“The Heathens: A Quinn Colson novel,” by Ace Atkins

Reviewed by Claire Hamner Matturro Quinn Colson, the bold, ethical, and driven sheriff of Tibbehah County, Mississippi, is the worthy protagonist in a well-received eleven-book series by Ace Atkins. In the newest in the series, The Heathens (Putman 2021), a petite seventeen-year-old female, TJ Byrd, and her charming, thieving boyfriend, Ladarius, steal the show. As […]

December Read of the Month: “The Revelators,” by Ace Atkins

Reviewed by Claire Hamner Matturro Author Ace Atkins proved a long time back that he is a gifted storyteller and disciplined writer capable of building suspenseful plots and creating intriguing characters. He also knows how to write a sentence with punch and sizzle. The author of twenty-six books, including numerous best sellers and multiple-award winners, […]

“The Redeemers,” by Ace Atkins

Reviewed by Daniel James Sundahl I’m guessing it would have been 1976, graduate school, and a seminar in the American 1930s, history, literature, political thought, economics, and culture, the latter the more encompassing word in that list.  I thought to make an argument that “nascent” to American Literature during that decade was the emergence of […]

“The Forsaken,” by Ace Atkins

Reviewed by Yasser El-Sayed Let me begin with a disclaimer – not only is The Forsaken my first Quinn Colson novel, it is in fact the first Ace Atkins book I have ever read. One can argue that a work of literature can and should stand on its own, so why not have it reviewed […]

Meet American Novelist Ace Atkins

    SLR Contributor Allen Mendenhall Interviews Ace Atkins SLR: What I suspect everyone wants to know is, how do you stay so prolific?  How do you write so much, so quickly?   AA: I’m very fortunate to be a full-time novelist. I’ve been writing full time since 2001 and that gives me the freedom […]

Read of the Month: Collected Works of American Novelist Ace Atkins

Click to Order Click to Order    Infamous and The Ranger  by Ace Atkins  Review by Allen Mendenhall As an Auburn University instructor and a lifelong Auburn football fan with multigenerational ties to that school, I’m not neutral when it comes to Ace Atkins, an Auburn alumnus who lettered for the best damn football team […]