Yazoo Blues by John Pritchard

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Yazoo Blues continues the adventures of Junior Ray Loveblood, the racist, trash-talking, yarn-spinning character from John Pritchard’s first book Junior Ray. Junior Ray is now a semi-retired, self-described lawman and a part-time casino guard who boasts that “I come from the roughest they is.” As storytellers go, he is part historian, part raconteur; he’s also a born philosopher of the small town, backwoods variety. In many respects, he is Jerry Clower meets George Carlin.

Junior Ray sees himself as part of history in the making. He delves into the Civil War and especially the failed attempt on the part of the Union Soldiers to invade Vicksburg by ship through the Yazoo Pass.

Junior Ray, with his unique approach to philosophy, consoles his friend, Mad Owens, a poet in the making, love sick to the point of insanity because of a stripper from Memphis who goes by the name Money Scatters. Of course, Junior Ray has his own twist on what love is about, and his love comes complete with lap-dances from his best friend’s granddaughter, Petunia.

The book is full of recipes for Delta cooking and poems for all occasion. Yazoo Blues maintains the profane and humorous elements of Junior Ray, but adds some uneducated ramblings about the truths and nuances of storytelling.  The book is a laugh-out-loud success. Junior Ray keeps readers turning the page.

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