The Gift, by Betty Gwen Barlow

The Gift
Give me the gift of time
to travel the byways
and back roads
And fresh eyes to see
fat, contented cows
grazing in green lush pastures
of sweet sweet clover
And the privilege to stop
where and when I please
at any roadside stand
for big Vidalia onions
and ripe Elberta peaches
Then, towards the end
of a peaceful, slow day
the luxury of a country store
a bottle of ice cold Coke
a bag of boiled peanuts
The honor of sitting on a bench
with old men in bib overalls
and Bull of the Woods caps
and listening to them talk
about places with names
like Five Points, Lizards Leap,
and Hunger and Hardship Creek
Give me that gift, dear Lord
and I promise to cherish it forever
and ever
from “Home Places” by Betty Gwen Barlow  (c) 2000
SLR thanks Betty Gwen Barlow for sharing her work in honor of National Poetry Month.

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