“Sanctuary,” by T.M. Brown

T. M. Brown

Reviewed by Johnnie Bernhard

T. M. Brown’s Sanctuary is a Southern tale of mystery with themes of redemption and the Christian belief of fulfilling one’s mission for Christ. Brown does an admirable job of character development with protagonist Theo Phillips, a retired publishing executive.

Theo and his wife, Libby fulfill their retirement dream by moving to Shiloh, a small town in Georgia.  Leaving the fast pace of Atlanta for a quieter life, the couple soon discovers modern day challenges threaten their retirement dreams.  Theo’s interest in a Shiloh memorial launches him into investigating tragic events that have left its scars on the town and its citizens.

The social, political, and religious issues of life cannot be escaped in Shiloh as Theo unravels the town’s mystery.  Clues to solving the mystery involve an abortion, small town corruption, and a deadly fire.  With faith and the support of his church family, Theo prevails in righting wrongs, restoring the reputation of a man who’s been falsely accused.

Theo and Libby’s move serves a higher purpose as well.  Their retirement plan was part of God’s plan to bring justice to an innocent man and heal those involved in tragedy.  The timeless theme of justice—served in God’s time, not man’s—materializes in the novel’s resolution.  Even the young woman emotionally crippled by a long-ago abortion returns to her church and is welcomed by its members.

While somewhat lengthy, this heartwarming tale of Christian fellowship and faith in an idyllic southern town, resounding in redemption and mercy, will satisfy lovers of Christian fiction.

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