Call for Papers on The Works and Influence of Charles Portis

The University of Arkansas  invites readers to submit papers and presentations on “The Works and Influence of Charles Portis.” The deadline for submissions is June 19th. The Portis symposium will be hosted by the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, Nov. 2—5, 2023. SUBMISSIONS to

In celebration of the publication of the Library of America series, The Collected Works of Charles Portis, edited by Jay Jennings, this symposium explores the writing and cultural influence of Portis. We welcome proposals from a wide range of disciplines, with a focus on Portis’s work and literary legacy. Suggested topics include: ·Criticism and literary interpretations of Portis’s numerous novels, (Norwood, True Grit, The Dog of the South, Masters of Atlantis, and Gringos) short stories, essays, and articles; ·Film adaptations of Portis’s works ·Approaches to historical fiction ·Cultural tourism, travel writing, travel and ecocriticism, travel and identity; ·Mid-South and Southern fiction, regionalism; ·Frontier studies; ·Portis’s nonfiction and journalistic writing; ·Pedagogical approaches to Portis’s work and films. Portis received numerous awards, including the Oxford American’s Lifetime Achievement in Southern Literature and the Porter Prize Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award, and was a contributor to The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Oxford American.

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