Mollie Smith Waters

Mollie Smith Waters is a teacher of American literature, public speaking, and theater at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College in Greenville, Alabama. Her hobbies include reading, writing, walking, and traveling. Her favorite places to visit are London and Boston. She has written over twenty book reviews for The Montgomery Advertiser, and she has published short stories, poems, and scholarly work in various in publications. She is a Fulbright finalist to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. She is married to Ronald Waters, has a son named Reagan, and has a step-daughter named Katelin. She is also the proud mother of Dobby, her black-mouth curr.


  1. Welcome, Molly!

  2. oops. ha. Haven’t had enough coffee, yet. Sorry, MOLLIE. :)

  3. Hello, Mollie. Only recently I discovered your generous review of my book, Creole Son. Thank you very much for taking time to write such a thorough and thoughtful piece. Since then I have two more Southern works in print: The Goat Castle Murder and, published just last week, Unrefined, Sugar. The first is based on a true Mississippi crime, and the second is a humorous book set in the fictional town of Meander, Tennessee circa 1957. As a fellow Southerner, you should get a few laughs from the latter.

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