October Read of the Month: “The Stockwell Letters” by Jacqueline Friedland 

Dramatic conflicts caused by the Fugitive Slave Act are central to Jacqueline Friedland’s excellent, thoroughly researched historical novel, The Stockwell Letters. The Fugitive Slave Act put all Black citizens at risk of kidnapping, even if they had been born free, causing many to exit the United States: “Nearly three thousand Negroes had crossed the border […]

Donna Meredith interviews Sheridan Brown, T. M. Brown, Charles M. Clemmons and Betsy Reeder about Civil War Era novels

Four new Civil War Era novels were released this year. Southern Literary Review Editor Donna Meredith interviewed  the authors to find out what similarities and differences there might be in their approaches to their subjects—and why they chose to write about them in the first place. Sheridan Brown’s novel, The Viola Factor, is based on […]

“Counting Souls” by Donald R. Buchanan

Tom Love, the protagonist of Donald R. Buchanan’s fine novel, Counting Souls, is a hardscrabble farmer in western North Carolina who is charged with collecting the 1830 Federal Census for Macon County. His job creates a situation like The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek and The Giver of Stars, where packhorse librarians had cause to go […]

September Read of the Month: “Sister, Mother, Warrior” by Vanessa Riley

Vanessa Riley offers a stunning picture of Haiti’s history and founding through the eyes of several key women in her novel Sister Mother Warrior (William Morrow 2022). Riley’s superb research and careful crafting of characters bring the story of Haiti’s liberation from foreign rule to life. Riley, the 2023 Georgia Author of the Year for […]

Books of Special Note for September

NonFiction Tent For Seven: A Camping Adventure Gone South Out West (Sandra Jonas Publishing 2023) by Marty Ohlhaut and Grace  Ly manages to be humorous and horrifying and suspenseful all at once. Two brave (or foolhardy) parents take their five children on a tent-camping trip to the Canadian Rockies. The Griswold’s vacation stories are tame […]

The 2023 Seven Hills Literary Contest and Penumbra Poetry & Haiku Contest

The 2023 Seven Hills Literary Contest and Penumbra Poetry & Haiku Contest (“The Contest”) is open for entries! We have decided to open the contest to non-members, but members enjoy a $10 discount on each entry. If you aren’t already a member of the Tallahassee Writers Association, you can sign up at https://twaonline.org/membership/purchase. One change from […]