“Confederado,” by Casey Clabough

Review by Christopher Bundrick One of the first things that stands out about Casey Clabough’s Confederado is the fantastic job it does pacing action and generating narrative tension. The prologue is a terrific example of this. Beginning in media res, the book’s first line— Every time the hell-bent little mare took a curve of the […]

Author B. Wayne Quist Discusses God’s Angry Man

B. Wayne Quist has been writing for over 40 years in the fields of national security, political science, and history. In addition to God’s Angry Man: The Incredible Journey of Private Joe Haan, which was selected as SLR’s February Read of the Month, Wayne co-authored The Triumph of Democracy Over Militant Islamism (2006) and Winning the War on […]

February Read of the Month: God’s Angry Man, by B. Wayne Quist

 Reviewed by Christopher Bundrick   God’s Angry Man: The Incredible Journey of Private Joe Haan paints a very interesting picture of a mid-twentieth century American experience. A sort of American everyman, Joe Haan might represent our sense of what’s best about this country. Like Huckleberry Finn (born just a little further south on the Mississippi), Haan […]