Sweet Read: The Peach Keeper, by Sarah Addison Allen

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     New York Times bestselling author Sarah Addison Allen does it again! Fans of Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen, and The Girl Who Chased the Moon will not be disappointed with Allen’s latest magical novel, The Peach Keeper, due to hit shelves March 22.

     In trademark style, Allen masterfully weaves a Southern world of believable characters and keeps readers flipping pages with this dreamy one-nighter.

     Even hard-core lit fans who crave gritty themes and sensitive scenes will enjoy surrendering to Allen for a surreal trip into the fictional town called Walls-of-Water, North Carolina where secrets are ready to be uncovered. It’s a simple, pleasurable journey with characters that jump from the ink and become as alive as the ghosts that haunt this story. Superstitions run wild throughout this tale and by the end, readers will never hear a bell, see a fedora, or eat a peach the same way again.

     Agatha mourned for a lot of things she’d lost, but lately this was the loss she felt the most – the loss of friendship. She missed her eyesight. She missed her husband. She missed her mother and father. But those girls she grew up with were such an important part of her life. If her old friends all appeared to her now, she would protect them with her last breath, which of course was too little, too late. The way it had always been. They were gone, all except for Georgie, who was suspended here in life only by a thin, glittering thread.

     She walked over to Georgie and sat beside her. “It’s finally happening,” Agatha whispered.

     Georgie – sweet, innocent Georgie – turned to her and said, “Peach.”

     Agatha fumbled around until she found Georgie’s hand, and then held it in her own. “Yes,” Agatha said. “It’s still there.”

     But the question was, for how long?

     While Allen tackles traditional themes of legacy, old money, and social traditions with charm, she manages to bring it all to light with a contemorary twist that is a rare treat. It’s refreshing to read a Southern novel that doesn’t drag readers back through the same old topics about race.

     Instead, the story centers on a majestic old home in need of restoration. As the town prepares for the event of the century, four mismatched characters struggle to escape their high school reputations, but through a series of fascinating twists and turns, the freak, the joker, the princess, and the stick man come to terms with their true identities and discover where they really belong.

     Add a few skeletons, some shocking confessions, two spunky old ladies, a looming mystery, and some pulls of the heartstrings, and it’s a sure bet that Allen has delivered another hit.

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