Meet Sandra Cooper: An Author on a Mission!

Sandra Cooper

Essay by John Riddle 

Not many people are fortunate enough to find their passion and mission in life, but Sandra Cooper, author of Trauma to Triumph: Lessons Learned Along the Way, has done just that.  Throughout her life and career, she was not afraid to challenge the status quo as often as necessary.  “I think one of the most profound questions we can ask ourselves is who am I,” Sandra says.  “Truth is, I am still working that out.  Like most people, I am an evolving soul.  My life has been about healing at so many levels, and I am passionate about doing my part to leave this world better than I found it.”

The self-employed Professional Counselor in private practice understands the importance of creating an environment that is safe and welcoming for her clients.  “I am conscientious and how I treat people, as a person and now an author, really matters to me,” she says.

Her first career was as a nurse.  “I worked as a Legal Nurse for a law firm in Wilmington, Delaware for five years.  That workplace nurtured me and grew me in many ways.  It felt like family and I felt like I belonged.  I discovered more of who I was there.  As a result of that experience, I eventually left to pursue employment as a hospice nurse, which was actually more suited to my personality.  That is where I discovered my intuitive abilities and my desire to be with those who are struggling the most.  It was during that time that I returned to school to obtain my MS in Counseling.”

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One day while meditating, it came to her that she should write a book.  “Acknowledging feelings and differences was not an acceptable thing to do in my family,” she says. “I saw things and felt things that most of my family did not seem to see or feel.  But putting the book together was one way of sharing how I felt.”  Because she enjoys helping people, becoming an author was yet another way of completing her mission in life.  “Helping others is my soul purpose.  It is who I am and what I have always felt called to do in some capacity, no matter where I was.”

Readers of her book come away with many lessons.  “First and most important is for people to understand that they matter,” Sandra says.  “They are important.  When they realize that self-love is paramount to healing themselves, they will be able to cope with the ups and downs that life throws in their path.  Confronting your fears and taking risks can be difficult, but in the end it is worth it.”

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