Remember Ben Clayton, by Stephen Harrigan

Click to Buy  Remember Ben Clayton By Stephen Harrigan Reviewed by Patricia O’Sullivan        After learning that his only child, Ben, has died on a World War I battlefield in France, Lamar Clayton’s grief drives him to come face to face with the haunting memories of his childhood. Lamar commissions a statue of Ben, […]

Edward Cohen Offers Jewish Perspective on Civil Rights Movement

     SLR contributor Patricia O’Sullivan shares her favorite Father’s Day gift. Click to Buy      “The Peddler’s Grandson by Edward Cohen,” Patti says. “It’s a fascinating memoir of growing up Jewish in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights era. It is also about trying to escape the identity thrust upon you by your parents.”

Patricia O’Sullivan’s Mom’s Month Pick

SLR contributor Patti O’Sullivan chooses Kate Chopin’s The Awakening  for her most influential read as a mother.  “This is a dark view of motherhood,” says O’Sullivan, “but brilliant nonetheless.” Click to Buy

Daughter of Lachish, by Tim Frank

DAUGHTER OF LACHISH by Tim Frank Reviewed by Patricia O’Sullivan  Click to Buy     Itur-Ea is a soldier in the Assyrian army who specializes in operating siege machines.  He worships the goddess Ishtar and follows his king, Sennacherib without question. Rivkah is a young woman from Lachish, one of many walled cities in Judah the […]