“Scratched,” by Elizabeth Tallent

Reviewed by J.R. Davidson Elizabeth Tallent’s mother refused to hold her when she was born.  This rejection was a triggering point, subconsciously stored until years later, sending Tallent on a lifelong quest to make herself lovable.  By her mid-thirties, having written four novels and several short stories, Tallent collapsed into a “perfectionist seizure.”  She couldn’t […]

“Congratulations, Who Are You Again?” by Harrison Scott Key

Reviewed by J.R. Davidson Harrison Scott Key brought down the West Feliciana Parish [court]house with laughter near the end of his tour promoting The World’s Largest Man.  I was there by myself, having driven the six hours from Birmingham to St. Francisville, Louisiana, for the 2017 Walker Percy Weekend.  I didn’t know anyone going, but […]