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November Read of the Month: “A Hanging at Cinder Bottom,” by Glenn Taylor

Reviewed by Donna Meredith Glenn Taylor’s new over-the-top caper sparkles with cinematic scenes begging to be transformed into film. A Hanging at Cinder Bottom: A Novel (Tin House Books) is primarily set in West Virginia coal country with occasional forays into Baltimore. The white-faced monkey depicted on the cover plays a role in a story […]

Allen Mendenhall Interviews Elizabeth Harris, Author of “Mayhem”

AM: I appreciate your taking the time to do this interview. Your writing has been called “literary fiction.” Your prose is beautiful and complex, allusive and fluid. The first pages of Mayhem call attention to “a crime whose mention makes men cross their legs,” locate readers in early 20th century Texas, and reference Herodotus and […]

November Read of the Month: “The Curse of Crow Hollow,” by Billy Coffey

Reviewed by John Ryan Hrebik “Would you know evil if you looked it in the eyes? Would you truly?” Billy Coffey’s first-person narrator poses this question to an unknown traveler who’s passing through Crow Hollow. The speaker, “a tired old man” eager to introduce us to both his town and its occupants, does not reveal […]