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“Hiding Gladys,” by Lee Mims

Reviewed by Donna Meredith Hiding Gladys, a Cleo Cooper mystery by Lee Mims, reads easily, the pages gliding by in quick succession. Interesting facts about geology weave their way through this debut novel since Cleo is a field geologist. So was the author, lending authenticity to the science behind this entertaining story. But Mims never […]

“Deep Ellum,” by Brandon Hobson

Reviewed by Christopher X. Shade In Brandon Hobson’s second book, Deep Ellum, just out from Calamari Press, siblings reunite in a bad part of town, this time in a district of Dallas where apartments look out at warehouses, low-rise buildings, 7-11s, liquor stores, and bars. The kind of streets with graffiti and with shopping carts […]

Christopher X. Shade

Christopher X. Shade is a writer and book reviewer with stories in about twenty national and small press publications, and a novel set in Spain and France in agent circulation. A member of the NBCC, his book reviews have appeared in New Orleans Review, Saint Ann’s Review, and elsewhere. He was raised in the South, […]

“The Path Was Steep,” by Susan Pickett

Reviewed by Morgan O’Grady Susan Pickett was on my mind as I crossed Alabama’s state line after leaving West Virginia the same morning: her well-fed babies, her cutting hair in the yard and selling the excess food from her father’s land. She was an Alabama native transplanted to West Virginia during the Depression. Her memoir, […]

Morgan O’Grady

If Morgan O’Grady isn’t writing or reading, she may be knitting, sewing, baking, or laughing with her family. She’s currently a Master’s candidate in poetry at West Virginia University.

“Finding Purple America,” by Jon Smith

Reviewed by Sadie Shorr-Parks  The songs of American Idol winner Ruben Studdard may not be the typical vehicle for dismantling the myth of the solid South, but author Jon Smith did not intend to write the conventional southern studies book. Clearly disappointed with the current state of American Studies, Southern studies, and the oh-so-hip American […]

Sadie Shorr-Parks

Sadie Shorr-Parks is a nonfiction writer from Philadelphia. She has a book review forthcoming with The Iowa Review. Her nonfiction and poetry can be found in Defunct Magazine, Blueline, and Lines + Stars, among other literary magazines. She currently teaches in the English department at West Virginia University.

September Read of the Month: “The Holy Mark,” by Gregory Alexander

Reviewed by Jessi Lewis The Holy Mark is the story of Joseph Broussard, or “Joe,” who later becomes Father Anthony Miggliore, a priest of the Catholic Church in New Orleans. Joe’s story involves distinct conflicts between Joe’s family and the Catholic community regarding sexual attraction, the Church’s public relations, and the hidden and overt lifestyle […]