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Allen Mendenhall Interviews Jessica Dotta

Congratulations on your forthcoming trilogy, Jessica, and thanks for talking about it with me.  Just because your books are set in England doesn’t mean you’re not a Southern author, right?  Why don’t we begin with some publicity: tell us about your debut novel—and the whole trilogy for that matter. Thank you so much, Allen! I […]

“Fugitive Days,” by Gerald Duff

Reviewed by David Madden Gerald Duff’s Fugitive Days is a wry contribution to the growing literature of writers’ encounters with writers. A side value is that writers reading about such encounters are reminded, as I am, of their own encounters with other, usually older, famous, or once much more famous than now, writers of fiction, […]

David Madden

David Madden’s latest novel is London Bridge in Plague and Fire. His third book of stories, The Last Bizarre Tale, comes out soon.  Touching the Web of Southern Writers is a collection of essays about encounters with writers, in the flesh and only in the Word.

September Read of the Month: “Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys,” by D.A. Powell

Reviewed by Celia Bland This volume describes a slip—both personal and cultural—into self-indulgence and escapism.   In poem after poem, romantic ideals are subsumed in quick encounters, dirty puns, and Powell’s figurative décolletage of a dowager poet, a witty but jaded survivor of the courtly lists.  Which is not to imply that Powell is in drag—she’s […]