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Crazyhorse Writers Conference

Southern Literary Review would like to announce that the College of Charleston will hold the Crazyhorse Writers Conference in March.  Details about this event are available below.  Visit the conference website by clicking here. The College of Charleston campus is one of the most beautiful and historic in America. It is also the home of […]

Donna Meredith Interviews Philip Gerard

How did you choose “The Patron Saint of Dreams” to be your title piece for the collection? PG:  That essay tells the story of my mother’s death — and my inability to write about her illness and death for a long time. Then one night I dreamed of her — and this dream was a […]

“The Patron Saint of Dreams,” by Philip Gerard

By Donna Meredith   In a well-known poem, Robert Frost once depicted humans as standing on a shore looking out to sea, unable to perceive much about their world. Philip Gerard, however, writes from the North Carolina coast with an unusual gift for peering not only “out far,” but also “in deep,” a talent vividly […]

Cameron Williams

Cameron Williams was born in Burlington, North Carolina, where she lived for three years before her family relocated to Florida. Despite her upbringing on Florida’s east coast, among the snowbirds and tourists, Cameron was raised to appreciate all things Southern. She especially enjoys cooking and drinking an occasional glass of bourbon. Cameron received her Ph.D. […]

Profile: Donna Tartt

Profile by Cameron Elizabeth Williams By the age of thirteen, Donna Tartt had already begun to establish herself as an emerging literary talent. Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, in 1963 and raised in nearby Grenada, Tartt spent her childhood enjoying the company of her great-aunts, great-grandparents, and grandparents. Tartt was especially fond of—and likewise adored by—her […]

Alderson fulfills spirit quest to increase environmental awareness

 By Donna Meredith   By day Doug Alderson helps to coordinate Florida’s designated paddling trails, including the 1,515-mile Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. He also assists with a website for Visit Florida on all types of non-motorized trails. By night he moves away from the computer for a few hours to unwind in the cabin […]

January Read of the Month: “Wild Florida Waters,” by Doug Alderson

Review by Donna Meredith   Doug Alderson’s Wild Florida Waters: Exploring the Sunshine State by Kayak and Canoe takes us on an amazing journey down miles of winding rivers. Alderson has a gift for making readers feel immersed in the scent of muddy bottoms, enthralled by the cries of limpkins, and calmed by paddles slurping […]