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What Southern Female Author Most Influenced Rhett DeVane?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked our contributors to recognize Southern female authors who have had the greatest influence on their lives. “I have to go with Fannie Flagg,” says SLR contributor Rhett DeVane. “I know there are so many classics, but Fried Green Tomatoes and Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven are two of […]

Harvard Offers Class on Southern Literature

     Think Southern Lit doesn’t have broad impact in other regions? Harvard is offering a class in this year’s Summer School Writing Program that will examine Southern works in conjunction with the Harlem Renaissance.      Specifically, the course is described as follows:       “Beginning with the renaissance in Southern letters that emerged in the early 1920s, and […]

Allen Mendenhall’s Mom Names Most Influential Southern Female Author

When SLR contributor Allen Mendenhall asked his mother, Julie,  for her most influential read by a Southern female author, she chose the Pulitzer Prize winning, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Southern Lit Review

Felicia S. W. Thomas’ Debut Novel a Delight for All Ages

80 Proof Lives by Felicia S. W. Thomas Review by Donna Meredith   Click to Buy        80 Proof Lives, by Felicia S. W. Thomas, is set in the small town of Quincy, Florida, where there’s nothing for a teenage girl to do but “fight, drink, have babies, or some combination of the three.” […]

Patricia O’Sullivan’s Mom’s Month Pick

SLR contributor Patti O’Sullivan chooses Kate Chopin’s The Awakening  for her most influential read as a mother.  “This is a dark view of motherhood,” says O’Sullivan, “but brilliant nonetheless.” Click to Buy

Bone Key Elegies by Danielle Sellers

Bone Key Elegies by Danielle Sellers Reviewed by Heather Matesich Cousins            Danielle Sellers’s first book of poetry, Bone Key Elegies, is a staring contest with death.  In this impressive, autobiographically-inspired debut, Sellers examines Key West, evoking the geography of her childhood and adolescence.  The poet-speaker of these poems has moved from Key […]


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Mama’s Comfort Food, by Rhett DeVane

Mama’s Comfort Food By Rhett DeVane Reviewed by Peggy Kassees Click to Buy      “The secret to outliving cancer is positive living . . . I didn’t mean to think positive; I meant to live in a positive way.”  That’s an excerpt from Mama’s Comfort Food, by Rhett DeVane.      Smooth as whipped butter, sweet […]